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We have been running the same B/R Instument for alcohol and xylene for the last 7-8 years. It is fantastic. We have not found any heat issues with it at all, It is run every day ussually two to three runs per day.

Matt Lunetta
Longmont United Hospital

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We use the CBG recycling system - we have 1 for formalin and 1 for alcohol and xylene. They are workhorses and we have had very little issue with them. 
Our solvent recycler is run every day - we rotate a week at a time between xylene and alcohol.
Can anyone provide me information on B/R Instruments Pro series recyclers?
> I am considerning them vs. CBG Biotech. I have heard rumors that the B/R
> units throw a lot of heat from the lower boiler and damage the underlying
> flooring. Can anyone confirm this, or any other troubles with their units?
> Thank you

What is the general opinion about recycling ethanol and xylen? Experiences?
Reasonable volumes?

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