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Hey Connie,

Remember that we experienced a drastic heat wave all over the country and in some parts there were rolling blackouts.
The product may have been stored in a warehouse that experienced a rolling blackout and the increased temperature messed up the paraffin which then re-hardened and was sold.The bag looked fine, so nobody thought anything was wrong.
Stranger things have happened.
The overheating would cause the oily and muddy.
I say this because a few years back we had a problem with coverslips that were stuck together.  Even though they were new and still sealed, when opened they were stuck.  It turned out there was excess moisture in the warehouse and the silica gel didn't work.  We returned them and got replacements.

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We are having problems again too.  Have not changed a thing and convinced
that it is a bad lot again.  Wonder sometimes on the QC that is done on the

Connie G.

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> Maybe you got a bad lot that is contaminated causing the knife marks?
Also, Ive noticed that if you let your paraffin get to hot, it breaks down
and that could be one reason for a consistency issue. Have you changed
anything at all recently to your process? Hope this was helpful. 
> Kim
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> Hello Histoland,
> We are seeing unusually large volumes of fall out in our paraffin lately.

> The precipitate is almost "muddy" or "oily" in appearance.  We noticed it 
> immediately as it was melting, so there was no way anything else had been 
> introduced to cause this.  As a result, we are seeing knife marks.  The
> are not consistent and not attributable to any of the tissue in the
blocks.  We 
> are blasting through blades that have been tried and true for years now.
> there any other users of paraplast X-tra experiencing these issues?    
> Thanks,
> Cristi
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I had to believe someone else out there was seeing this too!!  Our rep
contacted us today and is going to replace it and investigate...I too wonder
how this gets past the QC dept., it is super obvious as soon as it starts

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