[Histonet] Re: To cut or not to cut mouse brains

Donna J Emge d-emge <@t> northwestern.edu
Fri Nov 18 12:34:25 CST 2011

I have had folding and bubbles occur periodically with PFA fixed, sucrose cryoprotected frozen brain tissue I receive from other labs. I streak a distilled water moistened brush across the slide then pick up the frozen section on the moistened area. It comes out flat and smooth every time. I let the section dry as usual, then store in -20°C or -80°C.  For ISH I use a RNase zapped and DEPC rinsed brush and streak DEPC water across the slide with the moistened brush. I section the PFA fixed, sucrose cryoprotected tissue around -21°C. Researchers report good subsequent IHC and ISH results and bring more samples.

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