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Have done some things with ordinary sectioning cryo-electron microscopy but not your specific application.  But can go to Cold Harbor Springs Protocols and they can get "Immersion Freezing of Cell Monolayers for Cryo-Electron Tomongraphy". 


Even better (more immediate) go here http://www.jove.com/video/1943/electron-cryotomography-of-bacterial-cells   and is a California Institute of Technology (really well produced) video/audio/written explaination of the whole procedure. 




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I am the first to admit I know little to nothing about EM.  I have a 
researcher who read an article today that said in the method that they had 
taken cells, applied them to copper EM grids and immersed them in liquid 
nitrogen to fix them.  Has anyone ever heard of this technique? and if you 
have, do you have any directions or references for this technique? 
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