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All ~

I am about to begin preparing for the HTL certification exam.  (I supposse it is only fair to mention that this is will be my second attempt.  My first exam taken last month with a score of 382 out of a minimum passing score of 400).

As a "research" Histology Technician, a good majority of the material covered on the exam was new to me.  My prep for the first exam was to read "Histotechnology, A Self-Instructional Text, 3rd Edtion" by Carson and Hladik and then answer a lot of "practice questions" from the Board of Registry Second Edition Practice Questions book.  I focused mostly on the special staining info and images because of the high concentration of questions on the exam as well as my limited professionnal exposure to these...unfortunately, it was still the area i did most poorly in on the exam.

In order to go a little more in depth the second time around, my plan is to is to re-read each chapter ( of Carson), then assess my knowledge by being sure I can do each of the "Chapter Objectives" and then answer the questions in the self-assessement workbook, then answer the questions on that particular chapter topic from the Seond Edition of the Board of Registry Study Guide, Practice Questions for the Histotechnology Exams (The Purple Book).  I have other textbooks at my disposal, but as a mostly visual learner, I find Carson's approach to best get the information into my brain!  Again, once I feel comfortable with all the basic knowledge, I would focus mostly on staining.

Specifically, I would like feedback from anyone who has recently passed the exam about my approach, and suggestions for other ideas.  Also, I have very limited CAP/Joint Comission type knowlege and wonder if anyone can offer a resource for "basics" for someone like me in research who is not presented with the info and regulations on a daily basis!  Also, any suggestions for images online of special stains would be a great resource for me.

Thanks in advance for any and all info!



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