[Histonet] Peloris Rapid tissue processor

Karen Inge Nielsen krns <@t> regionsjaelland.dk
Wed Nov 9 04:29:04 CST 2011

Hi Muhammad
At our lab we have a Peloris, and it's a great  automated tissue processor. You'll get good results by the factory protocols but do also have the posibillity to create you own protocols for the tissue you are running most. That is what I do. I'm using the xylene substitute " Tissue Clear" and am running mostly fatty tissue. I'm almost using the factory time for ethanol but have extended the clearing and wax step a bit. I get really good results, and it's great to have this opportunity. A thing more I like about the Peloris is that you are not dependent of a specific company to sell you the reagents, and the Peloris is really easy to operate with. The ergonomics is also great.  I look forward to get a Peloris more someday.
Slagelse pathology Department

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