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Like all other things 'histology', blade choice depends on so many different things!  Tissue type, fixation, paraffin type, mircrotome and associated blade holder, humidity in the workroom, etc.  I know there are people who will poo-poo this opinion--so try it for yourself!
Contact your vendors and ask for samples of every blade you think you'll like.  They'll send samples from 2 blades to a 10-blade mini pack.  Then sit down and TRY them.  You WILL have one blade work significantly better than the others--you may also want a second type for hard or decal tissues.  
If you're concerned about cost, also consider the extra time your techs need to produce a GOOD slide on an blade that isn't optimal for your lab.  Tech time trumps blade cost every time. One 'cut thru' block could cost your patient a correct diagnosis and the lab a chunk to make it right.
Most techs have a favorite, but most techs also don't care what blade they use as long as they don't have to struggle to produce good work.  Nothing worse than facing a tiny pediatric kidney core knowing you have to produce 15+ slides on a crappy blade.  My antiperspirant isn't up to that task!!

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