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     I have pasted the procedure below. Please be aware that this comes with
the caveat that it is a very slow process compared to the strong acid
solutions that we are most accustomed to. If there is a diagnostic need to
expedite the results, then this may not be the best option. Incidentally
just so no one thinks I'm wise enough to come up with this on my own, here
is the reference (with original references at the end of that link).
     I am wise enough to give credit where it is due :-)
Good luck,

10% EDTA (pH7.4), or 10% EDTA/TRIS-HCl (pH 7.4), or 10% EDTA with 0.07%
(w/v) Glycerol (pH 7.4)

* *

EDTA is a chelating agent, and it can be made 10% solution with distilled
water, pH 7.4. This is also the preferred solution for decalcifying bone
material for transmission electron microscopy. Specimens can be decalcified
in this solution over several days up to several weeks in a refrigerator at
4 C, depending on degree of mineralization and size of specimen. The fresh
solution is changed several times or once a week. After decalcification,
samples can be routinely processed and embedded in paraffin.

Several studies have shown that EDTA decalcified bone material preserves DNA
better, and preferable for ISH analysis, and TUNEL staining. It is also
suitable for most of immunohistochemical staining protocols.

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Hello Histoland,

I read on Histonet that some of you guys use EDTA for bone marrow core bx's.
I was wondering what is the protocol? It will help us a lot. Thanks in

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