[Histonet] pathology software

Curt Tague c.tague <@t> pathologyarts.com
Wed May 25 10:11:30 CDT 2011

We are considering a change in software LIS. We are a typical small private
path lab, currently path and cyto only but are looking at adding clinical in
the future. Need to have the EMR update capability, I think it's an HL7
interface, to transfer results electronically and upload directly to a
clients EMR. 

What are you all using in your labs? I can't go with some of the big guys
like Cerner, though it is nice and top of the line, it's a little out of my
budget. I need to have the ability to have several different label formats,
some of our hospital clients like labels with little info, some like more
info. So I want to be able to modify a slide label based on each clients
desire and then save it to the database as specific for that dr.

Anyone out there have a product that you're just over the top impressed
with, produce and customer service combined?





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