[Histonet] filopodia of Endothelial cells in corpus luteum in mouse ovary

Carmen Maria Garcia Pascual Carmen.M.Garcia <@t> uv.es
Thu May 12 10:02:53 CDT 2011

Dear Histonet members:
I am interesting in see the filopodia of the endothelial cells in the 
corpus luteum of mouse. I have stained 25um cryostat sections of ovary 
with an antibody agaisnt CD31 (PECAM) and alexa fluor and see it in the 
confocal microscope, but I haven't succes. someone can tell me what can 
I do?
than you so much!!!!!!
Carmen María García Pascual
FIVI/INCLIVA/Facultad de Medicina
Universidad de Valencia
Departamento de P.O.G (Laboratorios)
Avd. Blasco Ibañez 17
46010, Valencia

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