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Hi Everybody,
I have been watching this thread and would like to add my "two cents"  What
I have observed is that there are a lot of labs out there that have openings
but no urgency to fill them unless they find "the ideal candidates" ideal
meaning  ASCP HT/HTL with 5 years of experience willing to relocate at their
own expense.  This is how it is in most professions right now.  The urgency
was there a few years ago before the economy slowed down.  Back then labs
needed people "yesterday" so they were more willing to invest in a histotech
returning to the field, an uncertified tech or an entry level tech.
Nowadays, since the volume has gone down in many labs they have no sense of
urgency to incentify them to be more flexible in their hiring
considerations.  This is an observation based on conversations with
employers and histotechs.  It is not just a matter of only wanting to pay a
fee for "suitable candidates" I have given away leads to histotechs to no
avail.  If you want to affect change beyond the NSH and the ASCP I urge
managers to share "success" stories with other managers specifically about
being flexible and hiring the qualified candidates as opposed to the "ideal"
candidate.  Just a thought.  

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>From the way some labs act, it seems like they don't really need anyone.
The last time I worked in the field was late 80s. I am willing to buy books
and refresh my knowledge. Schools say I don't need a degree again, to brush
up my skills in a lab. The labs say I haven't done it recently and therefore
no job. One place was willing to train a person with a B.S. in science, but
since my B.S. was not in science, I wasn't eligible. I am certified. People
act like I cannot re-learn it.
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