[Histonet] OT: April Fool's Nonsense

Jay Lundgren jaylundgren <@t> gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 16:04:12 CDT 2011

     Vaseline on the telephone earpiece is better than Vaseline on a
doorknob.  The best histo-oriented April fools joke is to fill a slide
basket with blank slides.  Go around your lab with another rack,  like you
are collecting slides to make a full rack to be stained. What a nice
person!  Be sure to get some prostate, kidney or other small, irreplaceable
biopsies.  Do the quick switch with the blank slide basket and
"accidentally" drop the blank slide basket on the floor.  Be sure to smash
as many as possible.  Then, "April Fool!".
As a victim of this prank, I can guarantee that when a histotech hears a
whole basket of slides hit the floor, they will not be thinking it is an
 April Fool's day joke.  It is a sound that freezes the blood.

You're welcome,

Jay A. Lundgren, M.S., HTL (ASCP)

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