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I have used the new Leica coverslipper. I am not a fan of this
coverslipper. Too many variables with the mountant. We use what is
recommended and we either have too much and it goes on top of the coverslip
or not enough and we have air bubbles. They have been out to adjust and
still we have issues.  We have a total Leica lab and I have to say I would
not recommend this piece of equipment. One thing they did not say at the
time of purchase................it will only coverslip their Immuno slides.
If you attempt to use it for Ventana stained slides you have your hands
full because of the labels.

Beatrice Sullivan, HT(A.S.C.P.) HTL , AAS, CLSP(N.C.A.)
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I am in the market for a new coverslipper.  I am looking at Thermo's
clearvue or Leica's CV 5030.  Does anyone have any input on either of these
coverslippers, good or bad.
Thank you in advance,
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