[Histonet] Research and Clinical Labs

Michelle MacVeigh-Aloni macveigh <@t> usc.edu
Wed Mar 16 19:26:29 CDT 2011

For 10 years I ran Histology lab for a large University. We used the same
equipment and lab for both animal and human tissue. 

I had to certify the lab with CLEA for human tissue at one point (and this
took serious work!). If you are already certified for human, using the more
strict regulations which apply to human tissue, won't hurt the rest, nor
increase in any way your time or effort involvement. You do it anyway. I
wouldn't leave anything marked "for research" unless it has proper label
with exp date etc.  

We received everything already fixed and most of the time in cassettes, so
there was not much grossing.

The processor ran the same night and everything was finished the following
day. No one, during any of the inspections had trouble with this. As far as
I remember, there was no question about this in any of the check lists sent
to me. 

It was 11 years ago when I parted with my Histo lab and I am not current on
the latest regulations, but as far as the technical part... there shouldn't
be a problem. 


Michelle Aloni MS, HTL ASCP

USC Keck School of Medicine

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