[Histonet] Fwd: GMS counterstain

Cheryl Crowder ccrowder <@t> vetmed.lsu.edu
Fri Mar 11 10:27:39 CST 2011

Ally - I have worked with several pathologists who were color-blind -one to 
greens; one to blues.  As a result we counterstained the GMS with different 
colors.  A counterstain is just that.  It gives a color to secondary tissue 
elements.  Light greens, hematoxylin, metanil yellow and nuclear fast red 
were used. All worked well, photographed well and were the choice of the 
pathologist.  Many older pathologists "grew up" with the procedure outlined 
in the AFIP manual which stated green.  But other pathologists are more 
amiable to trying other colors.  Maybe you should  just as them what they 

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