[Histonet] Beecher Instruments

Barone, Carol cbarone <@t> NEMOURS.ORG
Fri Mar 4 14:56:17 CST 2011

Histonetters...It has been a longtime concern of mine that the only
company offering TMA instrumentation was Beecher Instruments.....and the
wait list for those, was totally unacceptable. It came to my attention
today, from a reliable source at a university.... that Beecher has gone
out of business...( after buying Chemicon's arrayer...and taking away
the only real alternative). I have heard from  the same reliable source
they may be purchased by a foreign investor...my prayer is that perhaps
that could be Leica! Does anyone have more info on this? I wonder what
this means for those who already have one.....at least I am on the wait
list!  We have tried several manual systems from molds to punches....and
there seems no real competition from these, which are difficult to
control or expensive to use.  What is the word out there....suggestions
for us "wait-ors"..... CB

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