[Histonet] technovit 9100

julie julie.coudenys <@t> ugent.be
Thu Mar 3 01:08:05 CST 2011

We attempted to cut a knee without decalfication.  We saw that we can do
that with technovit 9100.  

This was our protocol:

-          Fixation with 4% formalin 24h room temp

-          Ethanol 50% 1h  room temp

-          Ethanol 70% 1 h room temp

-          Ethanol 80% 1h room temp

-          Ethanol 96% 1h room temp

-          Ethanol 96% 1 h room temp

-          Ethanol 100% 1h room temp

-          Ethanol 100% 1h room temp

-          Xyleen 1h room temp

-          Xyleen 1h room temp

-          1/1 xyleen + stabilized  technovit 9100 1h room temp

-          Stabilized technovit 9100 (200ml) + hardener- 1 (1g) 1h room temp

-          Destabilized* technovit 9100 (200ml) + hardener-1 (1g) 1h 4°C 

-          Destabilized* technovit 9100 (200ml) + hardener-1 (1g) +20g PMMA
powder 1h 4°C


Polymerisation solution:

90 ml A +10 ml B

                A: 90ml destabilized technovit 9100 +0.09g hardener-1+14.4g

                B: 10ml destabilized technovit 9100+800µl hardener-2+400µl


We stir the polymerization solution and we add our samples and we put it in
a cooled dessicator  for 10min  and after that we put it in moulds on
-20°C. And wait 24h.


We saw that the PMMA powder don’t dissolve.  Is that normal?

We also attempted that it not polymerizate.  Do we have to wait longer?
Have we done something wrong?  


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