[Histonet] Oil Red O for FS on Muscle

Michelle MacVeigh-Aloni macveigh <@t> usc.edu
Thu Jan 27 15:09:20 CST 2011

Hi Akemi,


Order the stain from Electron Microscopy Sciences - cat # 26503-02.  It
comes as 250 ml solution and is a lot less expensive than some other
sources. I guess you can probably get it through VWR. 


Mix 3 parts of this stock with 2 parts dist. Water and let it stand for 10

Filter through coarse filter paper. I have even used paper towel with no
problem. Anything finer will take forever to filter. 

Fix the sections with regular 10% NBF for few min. 3-5

Rinse slides in dist. Water few times

Working Oil -red-O for 10 min. I use the plastic containers for shipping
slides, because the stain will color the plastic and I can easily and
cheaply replace those, but you can wash them and reuse them multiple times.

70% alcohol - quick rinse to clear background

Dist. Water - 5 min

Mayers Hematoxylin 5 min

Tap water 10 min

Dist. water rinse or up to 1 min

Mount with Aqua Mount


Never had any problems. Normal muscle will have very, very tiny droplets. We
used it on rodent muscle, but it should work the same for human.


Good luck

Michelle Aloni 


Research Specialist

USC Keck School of Medicine


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