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Our tap water consistently reads 6.0, and has for years. We did try turning off the tap when this first began, and manually rinsing with distilled water, but saw no difference. I will try adding the HCl today with a few test slides. Will let you know how this works out. Thanks for the suggestions.

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I agree that the pH might be high, but I also suggest you check your water rinse on the stainer. If you are using "tap" water, there can be a significant fluctuation in the quality of the water and the amount of additives and impurities present at any one time can also contribute to the mucin not being rinsed away and staining. If you are using tap water, changing to distilled or dionized water might help to improve the consistency of stain results. Good luck

William DeSalvo, B.S., HTL(ASCP)

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> Sounds as if the pH of your haemalum is too high. Try adding a little HCl to bring it down to slightly above 2. Check a few slides without eosin counterstaining. Nuclei should be blue with very little else stained.
> John Kiernan
> Anatomy & Cell Biology
> University of Western Ontario
> London, Canada
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> > Hello to all in histoland and Happy New Year.  We are 
> > having issues with
> > our H&E stain.  The nuclei are staining very blue to purple 
> > and the
> > mucin is staining blue to purple-blue.  It is difficult to 
> > see the
> > nuclear detail.  The mucin is obscuring things.  We 
> > have not changed our
> > process for staining or processing.  The funny thing is 
> > that it is only
> > in the Biopsy cases, and it is every few slides.  The 
> > surgical  cases
> > are all right.  We checked the alcohol and xylene for 
> > water, and there
> > is not any.  My tech changed out the stain and we are 
> > staining a new
> > batch of slides.  If anyone has any idea what is wrong, any 
> > help would
> > be greatly appreciated.  I have gone over our processes and 
> > nothing has
> > changed.  The reagents are the same, the staining times are 
> > the same,
> > and the processing times are the same.  We are using the 
> > Shandon Gemini
> > stainer and VIP processor.
> > 
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