[Histonet] Thyroid Smears

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Wed Jan 12 08:33:06 CST 2011

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Years to all!  I have a question regarding the preparation of thyroid smears.  As of right now, we go up to the room and collect the thyroid sample.  The Pathologist makes the smears in the room and immediately puts them into 95% Isopropanol to fix.  We then complete the stain later on in the day.  The problem that we are encountering is that all of the blood and cells are coming off of the slides before we make it through the entire stain.  Does anyone have any suggestions or are willing to share the procedure that they use?  We had a couple of suggestions that we recommended to the Doctor but they were dismissed. I don't want to tell what are suggestions were so that the doctor cannot accuse us of influencing every one else's opinions.

Thank you in advance,
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