[Histonet] paraffin carry-over problem

Patty Dunlop pdunlop720 <@t> gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 15:04:17 CST 2011


I have a problem with what appears to be flecks of paraffin coming off of my
slides in my first change of alcohol in my H&E stain.  My pathologist
indicates seeing "drops of unstained areas on the tissue", and I suspect it
is from unsatisfactory deparaffinization.  I use clear-rite 3 xylene subst.
and have always done 3 changes at 3 min each before going to 100% alcohol.
I have contacted the company and they claim that nothing is wrong with the
product.  I have tried changing out all stations to fresh clear rite 3 and
increasing the time to 5 min each.  I have also increased the temp on my
slide oven (65 for 20min).  All to no avail.  Could this not be the
problem?  Could it be the paraffin?  I use paraplast plus.

I would love to hear ANY suggestions other than what I have already tried!
I'm starting to really worry now since the problem has persisted for a few

Thank you!

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