[Histonet] Chatter or waviness of sections under the 'scope

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Tue Jan 11 13:49:31 CST 2011

To all,

I am having a problem with either chatter or waviness of my sections when
I look at them under the microscope.  I've had chatter before, but in
these sections, the chattered areas of tissue are literally standing up,
giving the section a 3D look.  The waviness is the same thing, except the
tissue is in one piece-a 3D appearance under the microscope, no matter
what tissue I have cut. (It kind of looks to me like the way bacon curls
up in the pan when it's cooked-the fat in the bacon curls up and the meat
mostly remains flat.) So far I have seen it in mouse kidney, liver and

Have my Ultrastick slides lost their charge, is it static electricity, bad
infiltration, or something else?  If you need to see a picture,let me know
& I'll go take one & post it.  Thank you so much!


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