[Histonet] RE: Hazy background in IF

Tamara A Howard thoward <@t> unm.edu
Wed Jan 5 13:06:31 CST 2011

I'm not certain that this will fix your problem, but I'd 
ditch the Tween in the final wash or two before mounting.

There may be too much residual buffer on your slides when 
you add the Prolong - I wick off as much as I can, without 
drying the tissue, before mounting.

You let the Prolong cure overnight - so why the nail 
polish? The solvents in nail polish can cause bleaching 
&/or "fuzziness" in the background & you don't need it if 
you are using a curing mount. If your slides aren't cured 
after an overnight "sit", you may just be using wayyy too 
much mounting media.

As to why the problem has suddenly started cropping 
up....anybody's guess. Bad karma?


Tamara Howard
Cell Biology & Physiology
Albuquerque, NM

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