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Jesus Ellin JEllin <@t> yumaregional.org
Mon Feb 28 11:41:06 CST 2011

Hello Dana,

Well I see you have the golden question, which one do you choose and
which one you stick with.  My perception is that both add value and both
are going to give you what you are looking for in the short term.  But
in the long run as we dive deeper into the functionality of both it
becomes the cat and mouse game.  Who is going to give what information
and who is going to store the information? I think you need to weigh out
the Pros and Cons for your institution and take into consideration the
normal items of value, cost, and impact.  But the items not being
discussed by either side is informatics (free flow of data no matter
what the situation, think about EHR here), data mining ( full view of
the process to include all steps, other than scanned sites), flexibility
(meaning not having to be a single vendor centric or being able to pull
data from different instrumentation.)  What has happened is due to
recent regulatory changes, everyone is racing to find a solution to meet
the need of compliance as well as increase efficiency due to cut backs.
But remember this is a culture change and begins with a lot of bumps and
bruises.  I would also offer up other stand alone systems that you need
to look at.  I myself am a PowerPath user and I have had this debate for
a long time.  But I in my current situation, I am seeing that EHR's are
playing a role in this as well.  Especially if you are looking at going
with the EHR system.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Jesus Ellin 
Yuma Regional Medical Center

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