[Histonet] LABLION

Jim Pepoon histotech.jp <@t> charter.net
Sat Feb 26 11:08:35 CST 2011

I've recently seen a demonstration of the most amazing pathology management
system to exist in the entire world (and I know, because I've been all over
the world looking at this stuff). I'm seriously considering acquisition, as
are a number of AP labs in the Northeast.

If you go to www.lablion.com you will see the future of patient safe,
regulatory compliance, paperless, lean and management workflow, infinitely
integrate-able, can completely stand alone or interface with any LIS, can
interface with anyone's equipment, Anatomic Pathology Management system
....Oh, yeah, that happens to also barcode and track everything. 

Lablion is completely open and flexible (not even LIS dependent...if you can
wrap your mind around that), and doesn't swear allegiance to any equipment
or LIS company's wares. Lablion is custom installed to the needs and wants
of your specific lab - no two installs are the same. They don't have a
'lean' marketing consultant come and help you to figure out how you should
change your lab to fit their product. 

As I'm sure I'm not alone on this: I can say that we've all grown frustrated
with industry slapping a 2d barcode on something and now claiming 'we have a
tracking system'....or 'we have a system coming...in like two years'. Anyone
can print a barcode - it's what you do with the information from the scan
events that count.

Equally frustrating are equipment companies who's motivation is really to
sell expensive instruments and reagents at ++ $ per test - NOT patient
safety...or LIS companies beta testing bar-coding modules and force you
purchase the LIS upgrade for hundreds of thousands of dollars so that you
can get their tracking system for free, etc. etc.

I encourage you to not my word for this. Go ahead and compare Lablion
side-by-side next to anyone else's system and evaluate for yourself. You'll
be glad you spent the time to do this.

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