[Histonet] Poor nuclear artifact

Marshall, Kimberly K kkmarshall <@t> anthc.org
Fri Feb 25 14:34:31 CST 2011

Happy Friday Histo people!!!
  I need some opinions on a processing issue I cant seem to fix.
  I run a short processing run each night for my small biopsies. With
two processors,  I rotate so the machine with the newest reagents is the
one we run as the biopsy machine.  For several weeks now my Pathologist
have had issues with one or two blocks a day or one day it was one piece
of tissue of many in a GI biopsy block,(only one piece of like 5 were
affected the rest were fine) that they are saying has "poor nuclear
artifact" .   Most days it is only one block and has happend only once
with tissue from the long run.  This happens no matter a weekend or over
night, fresh reagents or not.  I have biopsies come from all over Alaska
and in talking with them as well as checking the containers they are
submitting in 10% NBF,  The stainer is rotated daily so its not a Xylene
not clearing the slide problem.  I know sections can be thicker in a
ribbon but the Pathologist dont seem to think that is the problem
 I have run out of things it could be and could really use some advise.

Thanks and have a great weekend

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