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Here is a compilation of responses, I have removed names as I was not sure if it 
was intentional to respond to offline:
Cristi. Irun a GI Lab and we have request as you do. I just send it to the 
company they want the testing done by, and if this company is usually the same 
we will get there fed-x number and let them take care of the shipping and also 
they may or should have everything you need to ship to them. I would not send to 
a physicians office because they could lose your block. always send to one 
location and document that. any calls about insurance should be handled by the 
testing company send a Ins face sheet. Good luck and hope I helped you.
Yes I do.  I have the outside physician fax me the order on his letterhead along 
with the patients signature and insurance. This way the outside facility can 
contact the ordering physician directly if any questions arise. Most of the 
outside facilities work with the ordering physician and the patients.  This has 
worked for me so far. 

We frequently get requests from physicians and send them to a reference lab that 
will 3rd party bill.  We have no financial responsibility and the doctor gets 
what he wants.  We do order the test in our system just so that we have a way in 
which to know what testing has been done and also track where the specimen was 
sent so that we can retrieve it.  I personally do not think it is a good idea to 
turn over the blocks to the requesting physician, this will create huge 

You are able to bill the patient for the "review of archived material." I can 
tell you from my experience that it is a lot of work and the hospital/lab does 
not benefit from it.  As for notifying the patient, we have never gotten a call 
from a patient regarding a bill.  The reference lab either accepts payment or 
works with the patient to handle the bill.  One thing you need to watch out for 
is Medicare patients regarding the 14 day rule.  Sometimes requests are made 
soon after the biopsy (within 14 days) and if the patient has Medicare, the 
reference lab will bill the hospital/lab.

Hope this is helpful.
Thank you again for all your guidance and have a great day all....only one more 
wake-up call :)

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Could you please share this information with the rest of us? The responses must 
not have gone back out to Histonet.

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Hello again,
Wow!  What a wonderful world it would be if everyone were as quick and helpful 
as histoland.  Thank you all for the responses to my inquiry about outside 
physicians ordering testing, this information is very helpful and I am excited 
to implement all of your ideas!
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