[Histonet] Prostate needle core protocols

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We cut basically the same as you do - cut a ribbon and pick up two
sections on one slide for H&E and two unstained sections on another
slide; then cut in only about 8 microns and repeat two more times - for
a total of 3 H&E slides and 3 unstained slides.

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Hi all, my doc's want to know what protocol others use for cutting
needle core biopsies of prostate.  We cut a serial ribbon pick up one
for H&E and the rest are kept as unstained slides, than trim in about
16-20 microns and take another serial section same as above and than
repeat a third time.  How do other labs cut their prostates biopsies?


Joanne Clark, HT

Histology Supervisor

Pathology Consultants of New Mexico

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