[Histonet] Histonet] Sirius red stain - picric acid substitute

Silvina Molinuevo silvinamolinuevo <@t> yahoo.com.ar
Thu Feb 24 11:45:02 CST 2011

hi mia!
yes, you do need picric acid. the function of it is to solubilize all low molecular weight proteins that would interefe with the sirius red stain. this old collagen stain function very well and it is selective for collagen when you use bouin fixative. if not, it is not selective. then if you use polarized light to observe the specimen you can differentiate between various types of collagen (e.g. type I, IV, etc).

picric acid would be a hazardous chemical only if you expose directly to flame. we have stored large quantities dry for more than 50 years until everybody becomes crazy, i do not why, and we have no problem with it.

i think Amos pointed out a good criteria for  hazardous chemicals. may be he is as old as i am.....

best wishes,


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