[Histonet] Other physicians ordering tests

Cristi stephenson cls71877 <@t> sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 24 10:46:07 CST 2011

Hello Histoland,
I have searched the archives with no luck for some guidance concerning outside 
physicians ordering tests and how others handle this.  We are a physician owned 
lab specializing in GI.  More and more frequently we are getting requests from 
outside offices requesting further testing.  Most of these tests are genetic 
tests in nature and we do not perform them in-house.  Also, we only send 
consults to reference labs that do third party billing.  This flow has worked 
fine for us internally, but the external orders are becoming increasingly 
problematic.  It seems that many insurances specifically exclude genetic 
testing.  Who notifies the patient then of the potential out of pocket expense?  
Does anyone else out there experiencee these cases?  How do you handle it?  My 
current thought process is to send the block or slide to the requesting 
physician's office and let them send out for any tests they want, but I am 
concerned that will only create confusion in their offices and ultimately delay 
appropriate patient care.  Any suggestions?
Thank you,

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