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> Subject: RE: [Histonet] Re: saliva for glycogen hydrolysis

> Wouldn't GUM be a more palatable option? Who knows where some of those rubber
> bands have been!
> Claire

Back in my early days in the lab, when I was in the US Navy (wooden ships
and Folin-Wu glucose),  I was involved in a project that required us to
collect fairly large (10-15 mL) saliva samples from Navy recruits who were
part of a research study.  We used a wax gum, which I believe was
manufactured by Wrigley's gum company.  The sticks were the same size and
shape as gum (back then gum looked like a microscope slide, not all the
shapes that are currently available) and they were individually wrapped like
gum.  They tasted like paraffin, but they induced copious salivation, and
served our purpose well.

I don't know if this product is still available.

Eric Hoy

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