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Patchy/Irregular H&E staining	
*Water left in tissue, incomplete drying: make sure to completely dry your slides.
*Residual wax preventing penetration of aqueous and alcoholic dye solutions leaving areas totally devoid of stain or Xylene allowed to accumulate at top of slide during dewaxing preventing staining by aqueous solution: replace xylene bath if contains traces of water, prolong xylene treatment, keep correct levels in baths.

Uneven/Poor chromatin	
*Water or formalin contamination in infiltrating paraffin
*Contamination of reagents on processor: check equipment for malfunction, replace reagents in processor
*Absorption of atmospheric water by the dehydrating alcohols: check humidity levels in lab

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Hello everyone in the histology world, I have a problem with my H&E stain this just started and I am not sure why.  Can someone tell me how does a routine H&E stain unevenly?  I am currently using Gill III I run it down as usual this routine worked well from months and now it is uneven any suggestion would be greatly appreciated….  

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