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I believe the 25 cases are for ER/PR/Her-2 testing.  We have done this recently and we ran about 10 for each antibody.  We have over 100 ourselves and it took quite a while.  There will be some antibodies that you will be unable to find 10 slides to test, so do as many (or as few) as your Medical Director is comfortable with to validate the stain.

Good luck!

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But that is for receptors, correct? Do you do that for everything?
Thanks, j

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If you are following the recommendations from the CAP paper on IHC standardization then it would be 25 tissues (10 strong positive, 10 weak to moderate positive and 5 negative).


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Greetings Histoland,
I need some help. We are about to switch IHC machines from the Richard-Allen Axiom to the Ventana Benchmark Ultra. How many slides, per antibody, do you run for the validation study? We have over 100 primary antibodies. Normally, when we work up a new antibody, we  start with a titer. Once that is established, we run 10 cases to check for specificity. Hopefully we can obtain cases that are really positive, some weakly positive and some flat out negative. Once that is completed, we run 10 different tissue types to check for any unexpected cross-reactivity.
    The ultra holds 30 slides and we are receiving two machines. If we run 10 slides/antibody, that's going to take a while, not to mention the number of detection kits that will be used. Do you think 5 slides/antibody is sufficient? I emailed CAP last week for their take and they never returned my email (I told my medical director to hold their check for the year and see how fast they respond to that). Ah oh, don't go down that road Joe, it's unhealthy. What are your thoughts?

Joe (JTT)

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