[Histonet] Caspase 3

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Wed Feb 9 10:11:24 CST 2011

I know I have asked about this in the past, but I'm finally getting
around to optimizing my antibody (Caspase3).  First, tonsil will be a
good control?

Second, I ordered it from Abcam that is telling me the optimal dilution
is between 1/10 and 1/20.  This seems a little crazy?  I looked at some
reviews for the antibody and other people seem to have used this
dilution...wow!  This is going to be an expensive antibody to use!!!


Anyhoo, main thing is want to make sure that tonsil will be ok for a
positive control =)

Stay warm my fellow Texans...it'll be 80 on Sunday!!


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