[Histonet] Amylase Digestion for glycogen

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Fri Feb 4 23:11:35 CST 2011

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   1   takes  an   did     he     lear   ><br/></div><div>W   the biology teacher told us that dias   names  for  the  enzyme  in saliva and pancr   starch. This  was  also  true  in my  two prec   medical  school  (early  1960s). The biochemistry teache   more  about  starch  and  its  animal  equivalent  glycogen,  both    digestible  by  amylase.  Our  early-1960s  textbooks  told us about
   Claude    properties   demonstrated  the func   homeostasis.</div><d   ><br/></div><div>According to the Sigma catalogue, di   astase     is     now     &quot;an     obsolete     synonym    for
   alpha-amylase&quot;.   from   many   sources,   includin   beta-amylases,  which  would  also  catalyze     glycogen.)   Sigma's least  expensive  alpha-amyl   human  saliva.</div><div  ><br/></div><div   amylase will do the job. Go with the cheapest. Human drooli   are  free and do not contain enzymes that will digest and solubilize    polysaaccharides other than glygogen and starch. This is traditional
   h   papers      f   ><br/></div><div>Joh   Kiernan</div><div>Anatomy,   UWO</div><div>London,
   C   class=   </b>&lt;ruppe   wrote:</div><blockq   cite="mid:201102050003.p15030nh007461 <@t> spamfilt"  class=   "iwcQuote"    style="border-left:    #00f   1px   solid;
   padding-lef   type="cite"><div       class="   plain">Hello,<br  /> We  are looking to switch f   diastase  digestion  for glycogen to Amylase digestion. I have    new  protocol worked up, but one of the Pathologists I work with wo   uld  like to have an idea of how many labs out there are using Amylase
   in   you use    who    you    are   appreciated.<br  /><br    lab<br  />Marshfield  Labs<br    />____________   _______________________   5F   _______________________   5F   message   may   information.  If you   destroy  the  e-mail message   are  prohibited from retaining,   any information contained within.   advise of the erroneous delivery by re   Thank you for your cooperation.<br />   </div></blockquote></div>

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