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We receive our lumpectomies and total breasts  fresh. They are immediately
put in 10 % formalin if no frozen is required and that time is noted on our
requisition. Our processing time for formalin and the fixation time is made
part of the final report. If we receive a  breast biopsy specimen we have
asked that they write the time on the requistion that the specimen was
placed in 10 % formalin. We set up a procedure that states this.

Beatrice Sullivan, HT(A.S.C.P.) HTL , AAS, CLSP(N.C.A.)
AP Supervisor
Shore Memorial Hospital

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Hello histoland

I was just given the task to find a solution that is easy and will also
comply with the CAP guideline for formalin fixation documentation, and so I
started my research on the Histonet archives.  I found some good
information, but was hoping to get more feedback.

Would you mind sharing with me the actions you are taking to comply with

We are a private lab and we provide histology/pathology service for 2
hospitals and a few surgery centers.  We send our blocks to Genzyme for
Her2, and we must document on their test order sheet how many hours the
tissues have been fixed in formalin.

I'm assuming I will need to start keeping a log here, with documentation
that shows what time the tissue was excised and placed in formalin from the
OR, and then documentation that shows the time it was dissected and then
placed in the tissue processor.

The problem that I may come across is getting the OR nurse to document the
time for us.  I don't know...maybe we need to put another sections on our
requisition form, or maybe something on the formalin container itself for
the nurse to write on.  It'll be a hassle at first but if I can get the
hospitals lab director involved, I'm sure it will work itself out.

Anyway, if you wouldn't mind sharing some of your ideas, I would really
appreciate it.

Paula Lucas
Lab Manager
Bio-Path Medical Group
Fountain Valley, CA

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