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We purchase out TTF-1 antibody from Ventana Medical and use it on their
Benchmark XT stainer. I do believe they might purchase this from Cell
Marque but I could be wrong. Anyway, we have no problem with this stain.

Beatrice Sullivan, HT(A.S.C.P.) HTL , AAS, CLSP(N.C.A.)
AP Supervisor
Shore Memorial Hospital

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Good Morning, we are using TTF-1 antibody from Cell Marque (clone
8G7G3/1 mouse monoclonal) on a DAKO autostainer with an LSAB+ platform.
We do heat retrieval in the DAKO pascal pressure cooker using Cell
Marques Trilogy retrieval solution.  We do a lower temp for a longer
period of time during the retrieval.  I incubate the primary antibody
for 1 hour and I still have problems getting the marker to work with any

Where do the rest of you doing this marker get your antibody from and do
you have problems getting it to work consistently?  Any and all feedback
would be appreciated, I'm getting really frustrated.


Joanne Clark, HT

Histology Supervisor

Pathology Consultants of New Mexico

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