[Histonet] calibration of pH meter

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Hi Akemi

I calibrate it weekly. And also document each calibration as you know with the muscle panels especially for the ATP's they have to be accurate. 

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Hi Akemi,
     I calibrate every other day that it is in use (Mon, Wed, Fri). I would
do it more often if it were required. As it is there is very little drift
from day to day. I have noticed more drift if I don't use it one day and it
goes to day three. If I'm making something up that I know to be extremely
finicky I calibrate it again just for good measure. Honestly calibration
should be so routine that it is almost automatic.


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> Good morning everyone,
> I am curious how frequently you all calibrate your pH meter,
> particularly when you make up solutions for muscle bx's?  Do you do
> it daily, weekly, or monthly?  I am trying to come up with an
> acceptable standard in a clinical histology lab, verses a biotech
> lab, which makes-up large quantities of reagents on a daily basis.
> Thank you in advance for your information,
> Akemi
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