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Your list is valuable advice: buy some books for the lab. This is the best possible investment. People who understand their work quickly solve problems and shoot troubles.
I know most of the books in your list, and agree with your recommendations.  BUT: The first item (Dabbs) has "Theranostic" in the title. This neologism is a bit much!  Can we trust its inventor? 
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> In my library is:
> David Dabbs "Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry: Theranostic and Genomic
> Applications" which is one of the best books,
> Jules Elias "Immunohistopathology: a practical approach to diagnosis"
> Taylor and Cote "Immunomicroscopy: a diagnostic tool for the surgical
> pathologist"
> Shan-Rong Shi "Antigen Retrieval Techniques: 
> Immunohistochemistry and
> Molecular Morphology"
> C.M. van der Loos "Immunoenzyme multiple staining methods"
> M Nadji et. al. "Efficient Tumor Immunohistochemistry"
> J.M. Polak "Introduction to Immunocytochemistry"
> And for research protocols:
> L.C. Javois ed. "Immunocytochemical methods and protocols"
> I think that the best are the first three books.
> Good luck

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