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when I do Lac Z, I counterstain with nuclear fast red, rinse in water, then use one of the aqueous mounting medias that have replaced Crystal Mount. 
Place enough to cover the section, drain off the excess, completely air dry, and then you can permanently coverslip with resin. This is also the procedure I use for AEC and even Oil Red O.
Crystal Mount forms a thin "plastic" protective film over the section.

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Hi Vanessa:

I tried "Brizilliant" several years ago. I purchased the dry powder 
since I have been mixing my own stains since the 1970's. I even called 
the vendor as I was unsure about the identity of some of the 
ingredients. The results on formalin fixed, paraffin embedded rodent 
tissues were disappointing, a dull orange not bright red. You might have 
better results with the pre-mixed stain. Perhaps they wills send you a 
small sample to try on your material.


On 8/30/2011 9:15 AM, Vanessa Orsini wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm Vanessa and i'm quite new in the histology field so i need some help...
> i'm having problems with a LacZ staining on mouse fresh frozen tissue. I managed to get a nice staining also if I think it's a bit variable but I cannot find a good counterstain!!
> I tried the nuclear fast red but it's not stable in an aqua-based mounting medium and if I do the acohol row before mounting with pertex the morphology of the sections is damaged and the lacz staining is a bit washed away (a problem if the Bgal expression is low)
> I then tried with ematoxilin, the staining is stable but it's more difficult to discriminate between the blue of the lacZ and the blue of ematoxilin.
> I find out that the brazilin is a red ematoxilin so i decided to try this one but once the powder arrived i didn't received any instruction for dilution with it I couldn't find anything on the net.
> Does someone have experience with brazilin?
> or do you know some other red counterstaining that I could use?
> Thanks a lot
> Vanessa
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