[Histonet] brazilin

Vanessa Orsini vanessaorsini <@t> msn.com
Tue Aug 30 08:15:08 CDT 2011

Hi everyone, 

I'm Vanessa and i'm quite new in the histology field so i need some help...

i'm having problems with a LacZ staining on mouse fresh frozen tissue. I managed to get a nice staining also if I think it's a bit variable but I cannot find a good counterstain!!
I tried the nuclear fast red but it's not stable in an aqua-based mounting medium and if I do the acohol row before mounting with pertex the morphology of the sections is damaged and the lacz staining is a bit washed away (a problem if the Bgal expression is low)
I then tried with ematoxilin, the staining is stable but it's more difficult to discriminate between the blue of the lacZ and the blue of ematoxilin.
I find out that the brazilin is a red ematoxilin so i decided to try this one but once the powder arrived i didn't received any instruction for dilution with it I couldn't find anything on the net.
Does someone have experience with brazilin?
or do you know some other red counterstaining that I could use?

Thanks a lot



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