[Histonet] RE: Going for the HTL

Jeff and Wanda Gray wgray19 <@t> sc.rr.com
Mon Aug 29 19:15:11 CDT 2011

To Paula:
Who wrote, "thought it might be good to study and try for the HTL (already
have school for HT and am certified) but it looks like the time limits
prohibit me from trying this, since I did it so long ago. Anyone else have
any ideas? I'd gladly buy the books and study. Cannot get into a lab here in
NC without current experience. The closest school is in western NC, about 5
hours away. I didn't see anything near me in Raleigh. I was going to
purchase the textbooks but now I see this won't work either:"
There is an internet program just "down the road" in Charleston for HTLs:
www.musc.edu/histoprogram Our program is NACCLS approved, has start dates in
April and Sept. You can also call the director, Karen Brinker Geils @ (843)
792-4013. Take a look, I'll bet you can do it! It took me over 10 years, but
I got my BS and passed my HTL just this year! Life got in my way for a
while, but I did it, and I know you can too!
Wanda Shotsberger Gray 

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