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Hi Cheryl,
Thanks! I do have hard copies here, my main question was about the binder color. I ended up ordering a MSDS binder from LSS yesterday. I just wanted all manuals to match, lol. I haven't had hard copy in years, everywhere I have been has only had online and saved to desktop. We did pass all inspections with online only. It's great to hear from you!

Jill Cox, HT ASCP



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Hi Jill-- Congrats on the job!
The MSDS in paper vs. eCopy copy will come down to the opinion of your inspector.  Like Wil says, he's passed before...and I've passed before but only because we had both eCopies and hard copies.  Most of the larger for-profit and major health system administrations require both by SOP regardless, for liability reasons usually but please read on!
Better yet, think of the practical uses and real-world applications of this rather than the 'do it because I have to' ones:
If you or one of yours gets splashed with something--how do you want the next response to go?  If you only have eCopies and the power is down, or you are having computer issues, or the PC is slow, or the printer on the network isn't responding, then what? If it's your eyes or your skin that's about to be irreversably burnt, wouldn't you want that information available in a TOTALLY reliable manner and a copy available to grab, follow AND send to the emergency room with you--RIGHT NOW?  Then add to it the liability for your company should this be the case...and we all know when you most need your PC to work is when it doesn't.
If I'm having trouble making a decision often exaggerating the potential circumstances makes the answer far easier to come to.
If I am working in a lab I want hard copies alphabetized by both the mfc. chemical name and the common name we use for it in the lab with an index with the binders (Print the covers black on yellow paper and insert these in clear view binders) on the benches in the space where we work.  Not on a computer or off in the transcription area.  It may not be required by your inspector or by your facility, but is that really why we have these in our labs in the first place--because we're required to do so?  
My four cents....
Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
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