[Histonet] Embedding Center Questions

Tim Wheelock twheelock <@t> mclean.harvard.edu
Fri Aug 26 08:54:27 CDT 2011

Hi All:

My 23 year old Shandon Embedding Center may be ready to give up the ghost.
It has had two repairs of the coolant system for the freezing plate over 
the last year.
Now a thermo-resistor has burnt out, so that the wax reservoir with no 
long melt the wax.

Does anyone know of a company or companies that lease/rent histology 
Are there companies who sell used equipment?
Also, what do people recommend as far as a new embedding center, in case 
we can afford it?
I am in the Boston area.

In the meantime, maybe I can jury-rig something, since it is only the 
wax reservoir that is down.
The cassette holding tank, hot plate, and freezing plate are OK for the 
Maybe I can melt a few jars of wax, and use a transfer pipet to fill the 
Any ideas?



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