[Histonet] Decalcifying...Again

Jeff and Wanda Gray wgray19 <@t> sc.rr.com
Thu Aug 18 19:20:39 CDT 2011

I know the subject has been addressed ad nauseum on here, but my favorite
pathologist asked really nicely, so here goes: What are you using to
decalcify head and neck specimen? For how long ( a range is what we're
after)? Does immuno still work on the decalcified specimen? We get head and
neck resections almost every day, and are having trouble with turnaround
time. Often, even after three days in a commercial 10% HCl decal solution,
we still have great difficulty cutting these, with problems such as chipping
out and inability of all of our cutters to get artifact free sections. Both
the docs and we are frustrated and begging for input.
Thanks in advance,
Wanda Shotsberger Gray HTL (ASCP)
Chas., SC

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