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The Peloris technique holds some promise.  Although I've never used the
system, it received some good, and some bad reviews on the Histonet site as
well as other places online, including white papers on the Leica site,
itself.  I know Leica is selling the Peloris processor, but the papers
appear to be legitimate 3d party contributions.  You may attempt to contact
any of the authors for more information.

Below are some of what can be found-

Hi. We're currently setting up a histopath lab. We've purchased Peloris
tissue processor and have been test processing tissues under different hour
protocols. We encountered problems in the 8-hr and 5-hr protocols.Both
produced tissues that were too difficult to section in the microtome.  My
histotechs showed me tissues that were like brittle plastics. Despite
reprocessing, the tissues came out the same in the 8-hr protocol. We
reprocessed the 5-hr tissues for 12 hrs, the tissues looked microscopically
ok. I suspect the tissues were too thickly sampled and poorly fixed. May ask
for feedback/advice on the ff;?
1. Possible reasons?
2. Steps to prevent this in the future?
3. Reprocessing protocol in Peloris.

Thank you so much.
Dr. Evette Demaisip


RE: [Histonet] Peloris tissue processor
From:	"Ron Martin"
We have been using our new Peloris for 5 weeks with great results. So far so
good along with good tech support. Steve Westra (Florida rep) and Rick
Couture (Mass. tech support) have been great with us.
Ron Martin, BS, HTL(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Advanced Dermatology

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Run away! Ask them for a list of users. I have one sitting in my storage
area waiting on them to pick it up. It has never worked right and the tech
support is non existent. The techs do not know how to fix it. It is the
second one that they have sent us. If anyone from Vision is reading this
please have it removed from our storage area. It has been here for four
months waiting on you to pick it up. I hope the acquisition of this company
doesn't tarnish the Ventana reputation. 

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The next URL provides a link to the Leica site.  At the site Leica provides
white papers on the use of the Peloris tissue processor/system: 


A number of Google links to additional reviews of the processor/procedure
are available at:


My recommendation would be to try the Peloris processor, but to run 

Keith M. Mikoff, HTL/HT (ASCP)

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