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Paula Lucas plucas <@t> biopath.org
Thu Aug 11 18:14:59 CDT 2011


We received a call today from a company that does research on animal tissue, and our sales rep asked me to check into this for him to see if we can add this to our list of services.

First of all, we are an anatomical pathology lab that works with human tissues and we service hospitals and surgery centers in our area.  The call we received today involves studies with yorkshire pigs.  I am completely out my confort zone here and would love some feedback from anyone who can help me.  I am sorry if I come across as being "stupid", but I really don't have any experience with animals, only as pets. I hope my questions aren't too bad.  : )

The company is wanting to see any damage to the structure of the dermis after treatment, and they would like us to do the following IHC stains:
(1) CD 68 (which I've heard of and we do, but on human tissue)
(2) LBH (our sales rep told me it is Lactate Behybrogenase?)
(3) Trypen Blue

Who carries these antibodies?  We use the Leica Bond with their reagents for human tissues.  I'm assuming I need a whole new detection kit and antibodies for pig?

If anyone can lead me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. I need to find out how much the antibodies are, do I need a new detection kit, if we can get them in-house, and if we can stain them on the Bond.

Thanks in advance...I'd really appreciate it
Paula Lucas, HT
BP Medical Group

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