[Histonet] Re: Knife for trimming paraffin from blocks

gayle callis gayle.callis <@t> bresnan.net
Mon Aug 8 09:56:25 CDT 2011

You Wrote: 


I am looking for a stainless steel knife that we use to scrape off the 

paraffin from the embedded blocks.  I could not find the 6 inches size 

knife in any catalog. 


Thanks in advance




Nirmala Srishan

Histology Supervisor

Holy Name Medical Center.



Dear Mala, 


In the past, we used an old style permanent edge scalpel blade but after a
disaster with one person seirously cutting himself while trimming paraffin
from a block, we purchased a Paratrimmer with a heated, slanted metal
surface.  This trimmer has made everyone happy by eliminating the potential
for serious injury and does an even better job of getting rid of excess


There are two models sold, one from Thermo Scientific and the other one was
recently spotted on a vendor website. (Sorry, I didn't jot the name down).
The trimmers  are worth the investment to keep you and your employees safe
from nasty cuts, no matter what the knife/blade, etc could be used.  


The only drawback to the Para Trimmer is the messy paraffin drippings have
to be collected in some separate container that the manufacturer doesn't
supply.  This is more than a bit annoying.  It seems to me the manufacturer
of these devices would design the trimmer with a paraffin catch tray.  A
small aluminum baking pan (from grocery store) could be used and disposed of
(not a "Green" consideration).    


Be safe rather than sorry.  


Gayle M. Callis 



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