[Histonet] Ventana Benchmark Ultra-Red Problems

Susan Foreman sforeman <@t> labpath.com
Mon Aug 1 11:18:36 CDT 2011

We have been having an issue lately with a precipitate (possibly bacterial
contaminant) using the Ultra View Red Detection Kit that is not showing up
on stains using the Ultra View DAB Detection Kit.  The red speckles appear
on the tissue and also on the glass away from the tissue.  We have alerted
tech support, done several decontaminations and changed our water from
"purified" to "distilled".  Has anyone experienced similar problems with the
new formulation of the Ultra Red Detection kit or any other similar
situations?   Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
Benchmark Ultra stainer


I appreciate your input,


KDL Pathology

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