[Histonet] lymph nodes peeling out of OCT

Ed Roy eroy <@t> illinois.edu
Thu Oct 28 09:38:23 CDT 2010

We do a lot of IHC on mouse lymph nodes, unfixed, fresh-frozen in OCT. 
Sometimes individual lymph nodes will peel away from the OCT as they are 
being cut, and then curl up, making it impossible to get a good 
section.  In the same mold several will be fine and one will curl up.  
Cutting further on the same block, the problem lymph node may be fine.  
Any ideas on what variables determine this, either in the initial 
freezing, or in the cutting? Would it help to soak the tissue at room 
temp in the OCT for a period of time before freezing? Dip in PBS before 
Thanks for any insights.


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